Investment funds and pension plans

Adding value since 1986

We are a fully independent Collective Investment Scheme management company licensed by the CNMV. We specialise in long-term investment funds and pension plans.


Fund that invests in equities listed on the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Its benchmark index is 80% IGBM and 20% PSI. +

Metavalor International

Over 75% equity exposure to global equity. +

Metavalor Global

Fund that invests in global equities listed on international markets and fixed income securities issued by sovereign entities. +

Metavalor Dividendo

100% global equities, selecting companies whose expected dividend yield is growing and sustainable. +

Meta Finanzas

Over 75% equity exposure to companies in the distribution and intermediation of financial products and the remainder may be invested in in other sectors. +

Metavalor Pensiones

Pension plan that replicates the Metavalor International investment fund. It invests in equities listed on the global market. +

La rentabilidad histórica no es un indicador fiable de la rentabilidad futura

Las inversiones en instituciones de inversión colectiva pueden entrañar riesgos significativos, como el riesgo de mercado, el riesgo de crédito, el riesgo de liquidez, el riesgo de tipo de interés, el riesgo de cambio, el riesgo de divisas, el riesgo geográfico o el riesgo sectorial, y el valor de la inversión y los ingresos derivados de ella pueden variar en función de las condiciones del mercado y del régimen fiscal aplicable, pudiendo no recuperarse la totalidad del importe invertido.