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Metavalor FI

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Metavalor’s investments

Metavalor is a fund that invests in equities listed on the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Its benchmark index is 80% IGBMT (General Index of the Madrid Stock Exchange) and 20% PSI TR (Portuguese Stock Index). It has been awarded as the best mutual fund in its category on several occasions.

Aim of the fund

To achieve satisfactory long-term capital appreciation, while incurring as little risk as possible. To this end, managers will invest in companies that meet their investment criteria, based on quantitative and fundamental criteria, without losing sight of broad market trends and macroeconomic factors.

To be considered by investors

It is recommended that the investment time horizon be at least 5 years to allow time for the investments made by the fund to mature.

There may be periods in which the performance of Metavalor does not resemble that of the IGBM, due to the significant de-correlation of some of the investments made by the fund with respect to this index.

Key metrics

To find out the data on AUM and investors, please consult the Bolsa de Madrid bulletin.

Performance chart

Metavalor FI

Historical performance

Annualised return Fund Benchmark
1Y +11,86% +26,06%
3Y +2,21% +12,18%
5Y +4,47% +9,21%
10Y +4,92% +5,51%
Since 1/1/2000 +6,82% +4,32%

Key details

Name of the fund: Metavalor FI
ISIN: ES0162735031
CNMV registration code: 104
Category: 6
Management company: Metagestión SGIIC
Inception date: 23/05/1988
Minimum initial investment: 60€


Subscription fee: 0,00%
Redemption fee: 0,00%
Management fee: 1,75%
Depositary fee: 0,065%

Historical performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Investments in collective investment schemes may involve significant risks such as market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, currency risk, geographic risk or sectoral risk, and the value of the investment and the income from it may vary depending on market conditions and the applicable tax regime, and the full amount invested may not be recovered.