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Ahorro Pensiones 105 PP

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Ahorro Pensiones 105 PP investments

Ahorro Pensiones 105 PP is a pension plan that replicates the Metavalor International Investment Fund. This plan invests in equities listed on global markets.

Aim of the plan

To obtain a satisfactory return over the long term, incurring as little risk as possible. To this end, managers will invest in companies that meet their investment criteria, taking advantage of possible temporary market inefficiencies to make these investments.

To be considered by investors

It is recommended that the investment time horizon be at least 5 years to allow time for the investments made by the plan to mature.

There may be periods in which the performance of Metavalor Pensiones does not resemble that of the index, due to the significant de-correlation of some of the investments made by the fund with respect to this reference.

Key metrics

Datos de patrimonio y partícipes a cierre de trimestre.

Performance chart

Ahorro Pensiones 105 PP

Historical performance

Key details

Name of the plan: Ahorro Pensiones 105 PP
DGS Code: N5080
Category: Renta Variable
Management company: Caser Pensiones
Inception date: 13/11/2015
Auditor: Deloitte
Minimum initial investment: 60€


Subscription fee: 0,00%
Management fee: 1,50%
Depositary fee: 0,08%

La rentabilidad histórica no es un indicador fiable de la rentabilidad futura

Las inversiones en instituciones de inversión colectiva pueden entrañar riesgos significativos, como el riesgo de mercado, el riesgo de crédito, el riesgo de liquidez, el riesgo de tipo de interés, el riesgo de cambio, el riesgo de divisas, el riesgo geográfico o el riesgo sectorial, y el valor de la inversión y los ingresos derivados de ella pueden variar en función de las condiciones del mercado y del régimen fiscal aplicable, pudiendo no recuperarse la totalidad del importe invertido.

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